Animated Wonders
Year Level: Grade 7-12
Total Session Time: 5-7.5 hours

What is the Course?

Inspire Robotics offers the Robotic Creature Makers program to enhance students expression of creativity whilst providing valuable engineering skills and expertise. This program involves allowing students to team up and engineer there own robotically animated character of choice, to be designed and constructed!

Course Outline

  • Students are introduced to the concept of engineering, planning and some basic physics of electronics and servo joint motion.
  • Students work in teams to build and decorate their animated wonder (character).
  • Students animate their characters using servos plugged into pre-programmed boards in a seemless plug in play experience.
  • The program culminates with an Animated Wonder showcase, where everyones design is put on display and presented to the cohort along with parents.

Spectator Event!

This Program has the opportunity of concluding with a large event where parents are invited to come and watch! We'll provide photographers and a speaker to record and host the event and put together a personalized video the school that can be used for promotion!

Course Outcomes

Skills Learnt
This course prepares & equips students with the following skills:
  • Team work skills
  • Design Thinking (engineering mindset, iterative designing, ciritcal thinking)
  • Invaluable knowledge on relevant subjects
Curriculum Links
Some possible links to the curriculum include:
  • Mathematics
  • Science - Electricity & Power
  • Science - Physics
  • Technology- Robotics
  • Engineering
Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Biology
  • Robotics Industry

Other Details

Equipment Needed: No equipment is required.
Student Prerequire Skills:
No background or experience in mathematics, physics or programming is necessary.