Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
How much do the programs cost?
Program pricing varies depending on cohort size and program run

We strive to offer world class STEM education for less than the cost of a swimming lesson

For school programs most of our programs costs are payed for by parents

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Is there a free trial available for schools?
Yes! We offer a free trial session for you to test out the programs before committing
Who supplies the equitment?
We supply all equipment for the programs
What does a session look like?
Generally for an hour session the first 15 minutes involves our instructors explaining the theory of the engineering projects

Students then spend the rest of the session implementing that theory in their engineering projects. Instructors come around to each group and help guide them through the design and building process
How many Instructors are supplied per class?
We supply 2 instructors per session.
What are the instructors backgrounds?
Instructors are university students studying in relevant field to program being taught.

All instructors go through training course on how to effectively teach programs
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What's the issue

Thousands of students are falling out of love with STEM

Why it needs to be solved

STEM is one of the most important skills of the future

How are we solving it

We take a completely new approach to STEM by teaching through engineering projects rather than through tests. This leads to students being far more engaged in the content and motivated to learn!

Our Founders

Toby Simonds

Toby Simonds is currently studying Mathematical Physics at the University of Melbourne.

He represented Australia at the 2021 Simulation Robot Soccer World Cup and placed 4th in the world. He has a deep for passion for STEM and aims to significantly improve Mathematics & Science education.

Toby was also apart of the ACRUX team at the university of Melbourne which was the first team to send a satellite to space in 45 years.

He was also a lead engineer on the MSP Humanoid Robotics Project.

He previously also explored research into using machine learning to aid in breast cancer screenings.

Benjamin Grant

Benjamin Grant also studies at the University of Melbourne, majoring his Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Physics. He has a very strong background in Physics, Mathematics and Programming paired with a deep for passion for STEM education and finding new innovative methods of improving it.

Benjamin also has a background in professional web design, and was a lead developer and designer for the the North East Citizen Advocacy website, a company that aims to provide resources and support to people with disabilities.

Finally, he is also currently in the research process of innovating a new way to utilizing AI and machine learning as a tool for athletes for injury treatment & prevention.