Robot Soccer
Recommended Age: 12-18

What is the Course?

Inspire Robotics offers their well established Robot Soccer Program taught by the 2021 Australian RoboCup Simulation Champion. This program yields a highly immersive engineering experience for students by taking them from an introductory understanding of programming to the design and programming of real physical robots with the task to play soccer against each other. The program involves students working in teams to design and program these soccer robots to play soccer against other teams robots!

What we bring to students?

Our program is all about showing students the power of STEM in order to inspire them to pursue a career in this space. We do this by providing students the chance to work with hands-on engineering tasks that they lack the chance to normally engage with in the classroom. In doing so, we seek to illustrate that many of these seemingly abstract concepts such as mathematics or electronics aren’t just about reciting formulas but rather are tools used to build amazing projects!

Spectator Event!

This Program has the opportunity of concluding with a large event where parents are invited to come and watch! We'll provide photographers and Drone Pilots to record the event and put together a personalized video for the school that can be used for promotion!

"Building Robots to play soccer is the coolest thing" - Former Student

What We Do In The Course?

Introduction to Programming

Students will learn the basics of programming in python. This will be achieved by introducing the basic principles such as data types, functions and conditional statements before implementing them in bots for games. Students will learn how to automate basic tasks such as playing the video game cookie clickers as well as Snake.

Constructing Physical Robots
After we have learnt the basics of programming, students will work in small groups to design the physical robot. Students will be given a basic list of parts but will have to decide what sensors to use and how to engineer the electronics.
Programing Physical Robots
Students will move on to get the chance to program the physical robots they created. This will involve students programming the robot to work through a physical obstacle course inorder to learn the basics of programming the robots. The teams will then move onto programming the robots to play soccer against one another!

Course Outcomes

Skill Learnt

Students will gain valuable skills and expertise in sketching, working with electronics, programming & constructing small scale robotics projects. They will also learn extensive problem solving skills and improve their intuitive awareness of physics.

Learning Outcomes
Post completing this program, students will no longer see programming as this perplexing convoluted solution, and be more inclined and interested in applying to solve real-world problems. Additionally, they will see more value in their traditional Maths and Science classes and feel a larger purpose present in pursuing an education and career in STEM.
Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in computing, mechatronics & robotics and mathematics, all very highly esteem career pathways in STEM.

Course Details

Equipment Needed: No equipment is needed
Prerequire Skills:
No prior programming or electronics skills are required. Although for students with backgrounds in these areas the course is able to scale for them

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