Soccer Robots
Year Level: Grade 12-18
Total Session Time: 5-8 hours

What is the Course?

This program involves getting students to working in small teams to build robots to compete against each other in a game of Soccer. Each class works together to build at team of robots to compete against other classes

Course Outline

  • Students are introduced to physics, electronics, mechanical design with electromotive components and robotics.
  • Students explore the field of robotics delving into the nuances of making an effective battle bot.
  • Students work in teams to engineer their own Soccer Robots
  • The program culminates with a Class vs Class game of Soccer Robots

Course Outcomes

Skills Learnt
This course prepares & equips students with the following skills:
  • Team work skills
  • Design Thinking (engineering mindset, iterative designing, ciritcal thinking)
  • Invaluable knowledge on relevant subjects
Curriculum Links
Some possible links to the curriculum include:
  • Mathematics
  • Science - Physics
  • Science - Electricity & Power
  • Engineering
Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Scientists

Other Details

Equipment Needed: No equipment is required.
Student Prerequire Skills:
No background or experience in mathematics, physics or programming is necessary.