Game Boy Program
Year Level: Grade 7-12
Total Session Time: 5-7.5 hours

What is the Course?

Students will get the chance to design and build their GameBoy like console. They can then be motivated to create their own basic games to play on their custom made console. The program concludes with a Game Jam where students are judged on the quality of their games and consoles.

This program focuses more so on electronics rather than the programming in the alternative Game Dev course

Course Outline

  • Students are introduced to electronics, game controller design and computer science.
  • Students build and wire up their own GameBoys.
  • Student are introduced to programming and game development.
  • The program culminates with a Game Jam Competition.

Course Outcomes

Skills Learnt
This course prepares & equips students with the following skills:
  • Team work skills
  • Design Thinking (engineering mindset, iterative designing, ciritcal thinking)
  • Invaluable knowledge on relevant subjects
  • Programming skills
Curriculum Links
Some possible links to the curriculum include:
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Engineering
Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in:
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering

Other Details

Equipment Needed: No equipment is required.
Student Prerequire Skills:
No background or experience in mathematics, physics or programming is necessary.