Advanced Robotics
Recommended Age: 12-18

What is the Course?

Inspire Robotics now offers their brand new innovative Robot Automation course, brought to you by highly experienced University of Melbourne mechatronics students. This program seeks to prepare students for the dawn of the robotics age through a hands-on approach. This program involves getting students to work in teams, paralleling the industry in the real world, to design a robot to automate a task in their home. This could range from creating a self watering plant to a robot that takes the trash out for you.

What we bring to students?

This program really strives to reveal the real life application of STEM for students, why these skills they learn in their regular classes are important, and how they could see themselves using them after pursuing a career in STEM. By providing students with this complex, yet highly achievable and fun hands-on engineering task, we can effectively cement the importance of STEM and give them highly valuable practical skills in the process. We believe that many of the abstract concepts taught in mathematics and physics classes in particular, don’t do themselves justice with their importance without the proper real world application this project provides. So rather than just getting your students to mindlessly recite and memorise formulas, give them the passion for an exciting experience in STEM they deserve!

What We Do In The Course?

Introduction into Engineering:

Students will gain valuable skills and expertise in the foundations of designing with acknowledgement and appreciation of physics. This will be achieved through the robot design process, where they will be taught to grapple and account for many important concepts such as center of gravity, Newtonian physics, sensors layout and purposes and artificial intelligence! Students will therefore become much more capable with real world designing engineering projects from scratch whilst strengthening their skills in maths and physics.

Introduction to Basic Electronics:
Students will also yield experience with working with electronics such as the Arduino microcontroller and a raspberry pi, an extremely fundamental and important skill often unfortunately missed throughout secondary education. By giving students the opportunity to, with some guidance, build there own robot, they will develop a basic ability to understand programming language and build a crucial skill and competence with electronics used in millions of real-word applications. Students will get to see these ideas come alive through their robot.
Construction of Robot:
We believe this is the most important stage students experience, as it allows them to see if their initial design ideas and plans come to fruition. This is what engineering is all about, problem-solving! The construction of their robots provides a highly rewarding experience for the students allowing them to see all the skills they’ve learnt throughout the course come alive!

Course Outcomes

Skill Learnt

Students will gain valuable skills and expertise in sketching, 3D modelling, working with electronics, programming & constructing small scale engineering projects. They will also learn many important fundamental physics and mathematical concepts.

Learning Outcomes
Post completing our course, students will feel more confident in tackling some of their own small engineering projects, be more interested and attentive in their maths and science classes and feel a larger purpose present in pursuing an education and career in STEM.
Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in computer science, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence and mechatronics, all highly esteemed future paths.

Course Details

Equipment Needed: No equipment is needed
Prerequire Skills:
No background or experience with mathematics, physics or programming is necessary, but this program can effectively scale for those who excel in these areas.

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