Drone Program
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What is the Course?

In this exciting new program, students will have the opportunity to build and fly their own drones. Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, students will learn the basic principles of drone technology and how to use them to design and construct their own drones. They will also learn how to safely operate and fly their drones, using various controls and sensors to navigate and perform different maneuvers. Along the way, students will also explore the various applications of drones and how they are used in a variety of industries and settings.

Program Activities

Introduction to Drones

Through guided instruction and hands-on activities, students will explore the basic principles of drone technology and how it is used in a variety of industries. They will also learn about the many applications of drones and how they are used in different settings. They'll get the chance to fly there first drone and explore their strengths and weaknesses

Making and Programing Drones

Students will learn the basics of drone design and construction, including how to work with electronics and programming. They will have the chance to get hands-on experience as they build and program their own drones, learning about concepts such as lift, drag, and thrust as they go.

Drone Race!

The drone flying competition is a thrilling event that gives students the chance to showcase their skills and creativity. After practicing and refining their drone flying skills over the course of the program, students will compete against each other in a series of challenges and competitions. These challenges may include tasks such as navigating through an obstacle course, performing acrobatic maneuvers, or completing a specific task or mission.

Program Outcomes

Skill Learnt

Students will gain valuable skills and expertise in:

  • Basic robotics concepts and

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Communication and presentation skills

Curriculum Links
Some possible curriculum links are:
  • Design and Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Collaboration and Communication

Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in:
  • Robotics engineer

  • Software developer

  • Electrical engineer

  • Computer scientist

Course Details

Equipment Needed: No additional equipment required
Prerequire Skills: No prior programming or electronics skills are required. Although for students with backgrounds in these areas the course is able to scale for them