Dragster Program

What is the Course?

This program is designed to introduce students to high level physics concepts and principles. Through a series of lectures and hands-on activities, students will gain an understanding of the underlying science behind drag racing and how it applies to the design and construction of their own C02 dragsters.  The program concludes with a big race day where students get to race their creations against eachtother

Spectator Event!

This Program has the opportunity of concluding with a large event where parents are invited to come and watch! We'll provide photographers and Drone Pilots to record the event and put together a personalized video for the school that can be used for promotion!

Program Activities

introduction to Physics

students will be given a thorough overview of the fundamental principles that govern the behavior of physical objects. Students will also learn about the concepts of energy and momentum, which are key to understanding the performance of their dragsters. students will engage in a variety of hands-on activities and experiments that will help them understand and apply these concepts in a practical setting. They will have the opportunity to observe and analyze the motion of objects, measure forces and energies, and apply their knowledge to the design and construction of their own C02 dragsters.

Designing the CO2 Dragsters

students will be split into groups where they will be encouraged to think critically and problem-solve as they consider factors such as aerodynamics, weight distribution, and the optimal placement of the C02 cartridge that powers their dragster. They will also have the opportunity to test and refine their designs through a series of mock races and simulations, allowing them to see firsthand how different design choices affect the performance of their dragsters.

Building and Racing CO2 Dragsters

students will put their design and construction skills to the test as they build and race their own C02 dragsters. Using the materials and knowledge gained from the previous sections of the program, they will work as a team to assemble their dragsters and prepare them for competition. Once their dragsters are built, the students will have the opportunity to test and race their vehicles on a track, competing against each other to see whose dragster is the fastest!

Program Outcomes

Skill Learnt

Students will gain valuable skills and expertise in:

  • Basic game concepts and

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Communication and presentation skills

Curriculum Links
Some possible curriculum links are:
  • Art and Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Collaboration and Communication

Future Careers
This course inspires and prepares students to seek a career in:
  • Electrical engineer

  • Software developer

  • AI researcher

  • Computer scientist

Course Details

Equipment Needed: Spike Essential kits however kits can be provided by us
Prerequire Skills:
No prior programming or electronics skills are required. Although for students with backgrounds in these areas the course is able to scale for them
Duration: approximately 1 Term